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We will use the obtained personal information only where necessary for the business requested by the customer.
According to the content of your inquiry, we will pass your personal information on to the department in charge and you may receive a reply from the person in charge.



Privacy Policy

DaiichinekkenCo.,Ltd. recognizes that the customer’s personal information is important private information.
We manage and handle personal information appropriately according to this privacy policy.
We try to protect customer’s personal information and manage in proper manner .

Obtaining personal information

In our web site, there are pages such as inquiry form, various application forms in which we obtain customer’s personal information. We will identify the purpose and extention of the use in advance and we shall, as a general rule, have you offer personal information by your own will. You may refuse to offer personal information, however, please note that there are some services that cannot be offered without the provision of the customer’s personal information.

Method of obtaining information

When a customer fills in an inquiry form or various application forms with personal information, then click the transmission button, the given information is sent by email to our WEB manager.

Purpose of obtaining information

When we obtain customer’s personal information, we will identify the purpose and the extention of the use prior to the use.

Protection contents of personal information

We take security measures, and we appropriately manage in proper manner so that loss, destruction, manipulation, a leak and illegal access to the personal information would not occur.

Provision of any personal information to any third party

We shall only use personal information obtained from customers within our company and we shall never disclose it to any third party except for the cases when provision of customers’ names and addresses are necessary for the product shipment purposes.

Preservation period of personal information

Although preservation period of personal information obtained from customers is five years, information is not deleted, basically, unless the original purpose of the use is accomplished and therefore the information is no longer necessary to be retained.

Method of correction and deletion information

When you wish to confirm the purpose of use and contents and to make correction or deletion about the personal information obtained from you, please contact us at the following address. Please note such requests can only be made by the customer in person.

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