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We offer a suitable model for ultrasonic gas analyzer according to specifications. Please contact us for details.

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Field 1 Field 2 Application Example of concentration Sensor Accessory
Clean gas Low concentration oxygen High purity gas 0~10ppmO2 TB-ⅡF Flow meter
Nitrogen PSA 0~1000ppmO2 CG-SM


Flow meter
Air Oxygen detector 0~25%O2 Air-C
Hospital air 0~25%O2 FG-ⅡU


Flow meter
High concentration oxygen Oxygen PSA 0~95%O2 FG-ⅡUX Flow meter
High purity gas 90~95% FG-ⅡUX Flow meter
Electronics Semiconductor equipment Diffusion furnace、CVD 0~10ppmO2 TB-ⅡF
Soldering equip N2 Reflow furnace,Dip furnace 0~2000ppmO2 TB-ⅡF Pump, Filter etc.
Fuel cell evaluation equipment 0~-30atmO2 TB-ⅡF
Heat treatment Electric furnace Nitrogen furnace 0~100ppmO2 TB-ⅡF Pump, Filter etc.
H2/N2 0~-30atmO2 TB-ⅡF Pump, Filter etc.
Vacuum furnace 0~-30atmO2 TB-ⅡV、TB-ⅡVN
Direct fire furnace Hypoxia oxygen furnace -10~10%O2 TB-ⅡG、DG-R Aspirator block
Flue gases General Boiler 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Guide probe
Steel Dust-coal blow / the air conditioning 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Guide probe
Coke 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG
Hot blast 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Guide probe
Continuous casting 0~1%O2 TB-ⅡG
Holding, Heating Hammering-out 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
CAL、CGL(direct-fired) -10~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
(Radiant tube)
0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Guide probe
Nonferrous metals Fusion 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
Holding 0~1%O2 TB-ⅡG
Heating, Annealing 0~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
Pottery Glass fusion 0~5%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
Ceramic baking
(direct fired)
-10~10%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
Ceramic baking
0~-30atmO2 TB-ⅡF Pump, Filter etc.
Environment Trash incinerator 0~25%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
Sludge incinerator 0~25%O2 TB-ⅡG Aspirator block
RDF 0~50%H2O TB-ⅡG Sampling unit
Ship IGS、IGG 0~25%O2 TB-ⅡF Sampling unit
Others Vacuum atmosphere Glove box
Vacuum chamber
0~100ppmO2 TB-ⅡV、TB-ⅡVN
High temperature moisture Drying furnace 0~50%H2O Sampling unit
Pre-mix gas Fiber -5~5%O2 CM-Ⅱ Flow meter, Filter