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Aspirator block

The aspirator block is a suction equipment of the sample gas. It combines with the sampling probe as the sample introduction pipe. A direct measurement is possible under the high temperature atmosphere because it works by air introduction.


  • 1.It is possible to use in the high temp. condition by using instrument air
  • 2.It is possible to select vent type or return type
  • 3.Simple structure, easy maintenance at the site

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Application example

・Metal industry each process
・Non-metal industry each process
・Ceramics furnace
・Incinerator furnace
・Other high temp. exhaust gas etc.

Aspirator block's



Material Return type:SUS316L / Release to atmosphere type:SUS316
Installation Return type:JIS5K65A~ / Release to atmosphere type:JIS5K40A~
Sample gas temp. It follows to the specification of probe
Sample gas pressure Return type:±5kPa / Release to atmosphere type:-0.1kPa~1kPa
Tubing Rc1/4