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Oxygen analyzer for Nitrogen PSA CG-SM

This is a small and light oxygen analyzer that has a detective element made of Zirconia electrolyte.


  • 1.Long sensor life (2 years warranty)
  • 2.Small amount of sample gas is enough
  • 3.Compact size
  • 4.Simple structure, easy maintenance

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Oxygen analyzer for Nitrogen PSA CG-SM's


Oxygen analyzer for Nitrogen PSA CG-SM's
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Installation Indoor type、Plane・Wall type※ Meter: Panel type
Measuring Range 10ppmO2~25%O2
Display Digital 31/2 digit or 4 digit display
Range 1range:Decide in the above measuring range or display range.
Min. range:01~100ppmO2
Output D.C.0-1Vor D.C.4-20mA(Option)
Alarm The high-alarm, 1 point, C contact
Linearity/Responsibility Less than ±1%FS
Response 90% reading in 10 sec. (Swinging to a high density side)
Drift Less than ±2%FS/week
Sample Condition Not include water, corrosive, halogen, combustible
Sampling Introduce (positive pressure)
Sample flow 100±10cc/min
サンプル圧力 0.01 ~ 0.05MPa
Sample pressure 0.01~0.05MPa
Sample temperature 80℃ MAX.
Piping Inlet and OutletRc1/4
Warm-up About 20 minutes
Power AC100±10V50/60Hz200VA MAX.
Using temp. -5~45℃
Accessory Panel meter、Power cord(3m)、Meter connection cord(3m)
Option Flow meter with needle valve

※About 2 ye ars warranty
・It is limited to our original products.
・It may become out of warranty in case of the strong acidity, strong alkaline corrosive gas are included in a sample.
Consult with us when you would like to use besides above specification.