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This TB-ⅡF series is used for measuring industrial gas mainly, and it’s measuring range is the largest in our lines. It can be used with Control unit※ by connecting signal cable.


  • 1.Built-in multi filter protects detector from dirt and corrosion
  • 2.Long life (2 years warranty)
  • 3.Simple structure, easy maintenance
  • 4.Wide range application
  • 5.Accepts 0.2~5.0L/min. flow rate
  • 6.Suitable for little oxygen measurement

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TB-ⅡF seroes's


TB-ⅡF seroes's
Accessory selection flowchart



MODEL TB-IIF-P Rc 1/8 female connector
TB-IIF-R Rc 1/4 female connector
TB-IIF-S O.D. 3/8″ Swagelok
TB-IIF-V 4VCR fitting
Measuring Range 1ppm ~ 100%O2 / 1 ~ 10^-30 atmO2
Linearity The Larger either of less than ±1%FS or±1ppm
Repeatability The Larger either of less than ±1%FS or±1ppm
Response 90% reading 10sec.(Swinging to a high density side)
Drift Less than ±2%FS/week
Sample Temp. 300℃MAX
Sample Flow Rate 0.2~2L/min(TB-IIF-P)、others 0.5~5L/min
Sample pressure TB-IIF-V :203kPa~1.33×10-3Pa(2atm~10-5Torr)
Warm up time About 20 minutes

※Control unit is always necessary to use this TB sensor.
※About 2 years warranty
・It is limited our original instrument only.
・Consumption parts such as filter, O-ring are except.
・In case of the sampling gas contains strong acidity, strong alkaline, or corrosiveness, it may be out of warranty.